About Global Exotics

Our past and our vision.

In 2007 Global Exotics believed they had identified a gap in the market for the organised supply of exotic organic produce to ethnic communities. In addition to that, there was a growth in demand for exotics with the broadcasting of exotic travel food shows which created extra demand. In 2008 we started to build a retail supply service, with a simple doctrine, the best produce, the best service. It is a mantra that saw us grow from offering a wide range of exotics to small retail outlets and then the larger independent ethnic retailers. All this growth has been created by the reputation we built through the recommendation of our clients.


By 2011 Global Exotics had built a country wide retail customer base for our exotics.
Our reputation had also spread to the wholesale markets with requests to supply. We made the decision to move our focus to the wholesale market.


The 2014/16 “Exotic Growth” programme we operate with our “partner” producers
is looking to identify the exotics we supply or are looking to supply that travel the furthest to our shores, those that have the largest environmental impact, to establish if they can be grown closer to our shores and then integrated into our existing transport logistics.

03 For 2015 Global Exotics will be actively looking to bring our continually expanding produce range to a larger market.
With our active “exotic growth” research we will look to bring production of exotics closer to European shores to reduce transport impact and control growing conditions. Who would of thought you could grow wine grapes in Wales thirty years ago!
04 Global Exotics are creating an integrated marketing & supply policy.
We have partnered with a progressive digital marketing company that specializes in mobile marketing & data return, together we have developed a POS that engages and informs the customer, this can be added to any produce you supply your retail customer, just ask us about the "Snap theTag" service

Quality Standards


Global G.A.P

Global Exotics supply produce from around the world, if you are a retailer that only retails Global G.A.P certificated produce we are the company to talk with.


Logistics& Delivery

Global Exotics pride themselves on the shortest "field to market" delivery times using the latest transport solutions.


Wholesale Markets Presence

We understand that our wholesale customers require a constant, reliable, quality of produce and delivery, Global Exotics have built our reputation on delivering that expection and will continue to do so.